Don’t be afraid of English

Maybe you have studied English ever since you can remember.  But you have a dirty secret: you can’t really speak it.  You can read this blog just fine, but when your mouth goes to speak English, your lips suddenly don’t do what you tell them to do.  Your tongue feels too heavy.  You feel like you sound like an idiot when you speak English.  You had these nice sentences formed in your head, but when you go to speak, the words fall all over the place.

When you try to speak English, the face of a former English teachers is all you can see.  She has this frown and tells you, yells at you, about your mistakes that you haven’t even made yet.  The words stay down your throat like a stale piece of bread.

Or you got a Distinction in English.  You know the grammar better than the teacher.  You know vocabulary that native English speakers might not know.  But you have that same dirty secret–when all you learned tries to leave your brain and leave your mouth, it sounds like Grenglish–Greek English.  Greek grammar creeps into your English.  You don’t know how it got there.  You told it not to do that.  It seems like your brain has a mind of its own.

When you feel brave and try to speak to English-speaking Expats, they smile at you but you can tell they have no idea what you said.  You don’t understand either.  You don’t understand because you used a sentence that is grammatically perfect.  Why didn’t they understand???!!!  You know why–you try to sound like they do, but you don’t.  Is it your accent?  Your pronunciation?  It’s frustrating and no one seems to understand.

Well, we do at Express English where we help you express yourself in English.  We help you with MTI–mother tongue influence.  For most people, no matter what language they learn, no matter how long they study,  their mother tongue–the first language they learned will always influence any other language they try to speak.  Express English doesn’t try to make you sound like an Englishman or an American woman–we just help you neutralize your accent in order that English people can understand you easily.

We help you express your feelings, your opinions, your hopes and dreams in English.  We help prepare you for the IELTS Oral Exam.  If you already have a job, we can also help you communicate more effectively with your English clients here in Paphos.  Our methods are tailors specifically to help Greek-speaking students speak English.